1 Booking = 1 Tree planted by environmentally sustainable partner in the Ghanaian community to prevent soil erosion, landslides, and flooding.

At BeHappy Limo, we believe in the pure essence of happiness, which we believe comes from thankfulness. So, in order to show our gratitude from each executed booking, BeHappy Limo gives back to the community by planting a tree. We really mean it! 



  • Is to develop partnerships with International logistics companies to support our idea of 1 trip, 1 tree planted initiative in Ghana.
  • Collaboratively we will work with our environmentalist team in Ghana to plant trees to prevents erosion, landslides and flooding.

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We strive to create partnerships in this customer centric markets with exclusive car owners, car rentals, hotels, airport shuttle services, tour guides, restaurants and other stakeholders who can collaborate to drive this vision forward.